My Guardian Angel is travelling with me!

We’ve done and seen a lot since March 3.  I’ll post on that later.. but I just wanted to get this one out.   As luck would have it, as the Catholic world got a new Pope we were headed to Rome.  I didn’t get to see the smoke turn white, but I did luck into the next best thing…Pope Frances’ first mass.

After a delayed flight from Athens, we high-tailed it to our hotel, Hotel Centrale on Via Laurina,  which is a nice little hotel in the center of Rome and I recommend you select the terrace room.  It’s a hike up stairs that are worth it.  Anyway… we dropped our bags, got our tennies on and practically ran to the Vatican not knowing what to expect, but it was the day after… something had to be going on. Yes, my Protestant husband too….just as appreciative of this historic moment.

Just as we got there people were gathering and II realized our new Pope, the first Latin American Pope in the history of the Catholic church was giving his first Mass.  I was a little late, which is not much different from my life at home.  So all good there.  And on large screens strategically placed outside of St Peter’s Basilica we watched the Pope give Mass to all the Cardinals that had gathered.  Talk about some fancy garbs!  No need to say more… just look at the pics.  I thank J and my guardian angel.

Rome was just a stop over for us on the way back to the US.  After that Mass, a great capuccino to warm us, and a deliciou dinner at trattoria Otello Concordia, our trip abroad was complete.  Caio Roma e Caio al novo Papa!

World Cardinals filing in

World Cardinals!

The new BMOC

The new BMOC

Looking a little uncomfortable with all the pomp and circumstance

Looking a little uncomfortable with all the pomp and circumstance

He has plenty of help for sure.  Is he allowed to turn pages?

He has plenty of help for sure. Is he allowed to turn pages?

Our Best Athens bumble

After a long day of sigt-seeing, snacking every 3 hours, we were headed back to our apartment and found the restaurant we wanted to try was closed.  Of course we couldn’t tell that from the outsisde because as soon as we slowed in front of the door the proprietor led us in and in hushed tones said, ” we arrre closed but chou can eat next doorrr, no problem”…they like their rrrr’s here…so we went next door a little worried.  Our worry quickly turned to happiness as it turned out we stumbled into Daphne’s Restaurant … one of Athens‘ best!… and we didn’t even know.  The food, while unpronouncable, was un-beatable.  It was definitely the best greek food I’ve eaten, in Greece or stateside!

Okay, a little cheesy, but what else?  :)

And we’re aren’t the only VIP’s (cough) who have eaten here… Queen Knoor (Jordan),  the queen of switzerland, who ever she is, Hillary Clinton and other US politicos, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, (together you think?) and the list goes on.  I was tempted to grab my sharpie out of my bag and put our names on that list… except I would have never found it amongst subway tickets, maps, guidebooks, glasses, sunblock…you get the picture.

Daphne's ViP List!

Between great food, awesome service and a digestivo on the house from Aurelio, I think makes Daphne’s our best Athens Bumble!

Every meal should end this way.

Every meal should end this way.

the big A.

Not for athens but acropolis.  omg.  I am humbled. the history here is almost overwhelming…not just an author or two, a nobei laureate or sculptor….can we say politik…democacy….i could go on!  but won’t.  suffice it to say…its impressive   

When in Rome do as the Romans do!

So here we are, in Rome, the last stop before we get to Greece.  We had a traditional “Roman” meal at a great restaurant across the street from our tiny hotel.  Gnocchi, broccolini, italian cheese plate, almond cake, Gavi wine all rounded out a sunny afternoon touring the city center in a horse-drawn carriage.  Grazi Vittorio!

First, a little NYC

Cold and snowing here  Eating at Mustang Harry’s.  No texas food here, but great Tiramisu with freshly whipped cream.  Found a great hat store for you know who.  We have yet another, grey tweed irish beanie, (name?).

This one is much warmer